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Games Masters Attitude and Performance of Students in Secondary School Sport

Games Masters Attitude and Performance of Students in Secondary School Sport



The study was conducted to investigate the attitude of game master and performance of students in Secondary School sport participation.  The area of the study was Nsit Ibom Local Government Area. The research design adopted by the researcher was the descriptive research design of the survey type, the research population was 6362 population 2015/2016 academic session  from the 7 Secondary school in the area.

The sample size of the study was 210, this was done using simple random sampling technique and the instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire designed by the researcher titled Game masters Attitude and Students Performance in Secondary School Sports Questionnaire (GMASPSSQ) the method of data analysis was simple percentage analysis. The study revealed that, games master’s attitude influence the performance of students in secondary school Sports participation in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area as its relates to volleyball and football.


Games Masters Attitude and Performance of Students in Secondary School Sport




1.1   Background to the Study 

Physical education is a systematic instruction in sports, training and practice. It is the practice and appreciation of the art and science of human movement. It is a course that utilizes the learning in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains in a play or movement exploration setting.

Throughout history, man has invented games primarily as a means of interacting socially with others; display skills and physical powers and to entertain or offer excitement and recreation. According to Amechie (2005), before the coming of white men, Nigerians practiced several indigenous games which served recreational, leisure, cultural and religious functions. According   to him, those games formed the matrix of their existence. The traditional and foreign sports lies in the rules and regulations, organization, administration and technical details of sports. This ran through different families, this help the child as he or she enters schools, they have already acquired a lot of sports skills through the participation in traditional sports.

According to Udoh (2012), participation in sports are capable of greater effort and resist fatigue, through sports participation, the youths acquire and develop sports knowledge, rules and regulation as well as amateur and professional sports skills. In addition, the youths are helped to develop desirable healthful skills, social and moral values in life. Unfortunately, Secondary Schools in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area have witness unfavorable trend towards participation in sports in recent times.

Foldersi (2018), observed that in spite of some promising signs for popularity of school sports, practice in the regular sports are missing from the lives of our students. This unfortunate situation is influenced by some factors such as the attitude of the school game master, and even the school environment can also influence the participation of students in secondary schools sports.

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Attitudes play an important role in order for people’s to be successful in work. However people are born with those attitude; they obtain them afterwards. In other words, attitude are developed through learning and they change and develop in time. The issue of attitude could be both positive and negative when it is positive, it tend to promote excellence, but when it is negative, it tend to demoralize the belief and powers of the participants.

Game masters are more or less physical education teachers in our various secondary schools, this group of people are in the position of promoting the young talents in our secondary schools, in our society. The game masters therefore plays a significant role in promoting or singled out students in our secondary school who have proven themselves in the area of sports participation. However, what actually hampers this progress is the attitude exhibited by the game master and their attitude towards these students can make or cause the ambition of these students participating in various sports.

In the words of Ansorge (2011), he posited that many of our students who could have been potential athletes, footballers, boxers are abandoned and their talent buried due to the game master’s attitude in their various secondary schools to give them opportunity. The role of game master in facilitating knowledge and skills tend to be felt more in physical education than other subject this is because students should be active. It therefore implies that game master have to scrutinize their attitude, as it will help to promote excellence in performance during sports competition among the secondary school students.

Football is a game that is most loved by all, it is a game that involve series of active  actions. It involves both the game master who act as a coach and the secondary school students. The attitude of the game master come into play in this aspect, if the football team perform well during  major competitions, credits  goes to the staff and coaching crew, but if it is the other way round, the game master who is also the coach in the secondary system are criticize either in their team selection or their technical  ability which may also include their level of relationship with his players (students) during this competition, because some players in the camp may want to exhibit some attitude which is detrimental to the success of the team.

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According to Morgan (2018), attitude is an integral part of success in any organization, the attitude that every individual shows towards anything is geared towards success or failure, therefore in selecting a team for any major competition, the man at the top of affairs should be devoid of sentiment by selecting or choosing the right set of individuals who are competent in carrying out those activities and actions. Decision in Secondary School Sports participation are carried out by games master  in various  secondary schools, the success of students in any sports competition also depends on the games master attitude, this attitude could be towards training, team selection, facilities, equipment etc. It is on the basic of this, that the study seek to investigate games master attitude and performance of students in secondary schools sport in  Nsit Ibom Local Government Area.


Games Masters Attitude and Performance of Students in Secondary School Sport

1.2    Statement of the Problem

School sport competition is an avenue whereby up coming  stars in the area of sport, can show case their skills and talents. Students in secondary schools in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area has been taking part in school sport programme. Both private and public schools have also been organizing annual inter house sports competition. Parents have also been giving their consent for students to participate in sports by paying their words sport dues, buying the sports outfits and even their moral support by attending the activities or competition in which the students participate.

The problem faced here is that the talent which these students discovered during this competition are abandoned after the competition, several attempts are not made to project this talents discovered during such competition, this had become a major concern for sport loving individuals and even the sport education as well, it all boils down to the attitude exhibited by the game master of each school that these students were discovered. These students are discovered  to be abandoned after words, necessary documentation  are not carried out to manage these raw talents discovered during the school competition, one of the major problem discovered was the attitude of the coaches, game master toward this talents discovered. Hence this study tend to investigate the attitude of game master and performance of students in secondary school sports participation in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area.


Games Masters Attitude and Performance of Students in Secondary School Sport

1.3    Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study was to investigate the games master’s attitude and performance of students in secondary school sport in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area.

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Specially, the study sought to examined:

(i)     The influence the games master’s lackadaisical attitude towards the performance of secondary school students in volley ball.

(ii)    The influence of games masters disciplinary action and performance of students in football competition.


1.4    Significance of the Study

This study will be relevance or significance in the following ways:

i       it will help the educators to make it compulsory for physical education to be included in all curriculum of various stages of school.

ii       It will be relevant to the games masters to re-examine their attitude towards sports development in our Secondary School.

iii      It will help students to develop interest in various sports in their different schools given a good attitude by the games masters.


1.5    Research Question 

The following research question was asked to guide the study

(i)     To what extent does the lackadaisical attitude of games master influences the performance of students is volley ball

(ii)    To what extent does the disciplinary action of games master influences the performance of students in secondary school football.


Games Masters Attitude and Performance of Students in Secondary School Sport

1.6    Limitation of the Study

Study of this magnitude will not be void of imitation and constraints, one of the major constraint of the researcher need in carrying out this research was the financial constraint, it hamper the effective movement of the researcher during data acquisition.

Another limitation faced by the researcher was insincerity by some respondents who never wanted to give accurate information on the questions asked.


1.7    Delimitation of the Study

This study involved games masters and students of the various Secondary Schools in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area. The out come of this study can only be generalized to the games masters and students of the study area.

1.8     Definition of Terms

i         Attitude: This is a way of feelings, thinking, or behaving towards sports in Secondary Schools or towards something.

ii        Games Masters: These are teachers or an officers appointed officially to take charge in sporting activities. Or the teachers in sporting activities in either Primary or Secondary who are responsible to ascertaining the performance of students in various school sports.

iii       Performance: The level of skills, ideas exhibited by a contestants (students) during sporting competition.

iv       Students: An individual or a group of people who is studying in Secondary school or an individual who studies a particular course in the higher institution

v        Sports:- this is a competitive activities with rules and regulation.

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